When your business, principles, or reputation is on the line, we will guide you through the minefields of modern litigation. We have the experience, skill, intellect, and tenacity needed to develop and implement innovative strategies to achieve your goals.

We understand that high stakes cases are not tried solely to judges and juries. The most serious threats to our clients are often harm to reputation or adverse governmental action rather than the litigation itself. We, therefore, are prepared to advocate for our clients’ interests in all forums and arenas, including in courts, before tribunals, before legislative and regulatory bodies, and in the court of public opinion.

We internalize the importance of our clients’ goals, issues, and challenges and use that perspective to devise tailored strategies specific to their situations.

With Biles Wilson you have a true partner that cares about you, your business, and your people, and one that works seamlessly with your team to implement tailored strategies to achieve your goals.