Media And Client Testimonials

“As an entrepreneur and business operator, I seek attorneys who do not simply follow my directives but instead grasp that when engaging outside legal counsel, we seek collaborative partners with specialized expertise. Biles Wilson exemplifies this. Dunham and Jeremy proactively work to understand the nuances of our unique challenges, presenting creative and thoughtful resolutions aligned with our business objectives. They guide us by presenting thoughtful options, helping us weigh economic and strategic trade-offs, and steering us toward the optimal path. For sagacious and inventive legal guidance in navigating complex litigation disputes, Biles Wilson is the firm to contact.”

— Evan Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Oseberg, Inc.

“Unfortunately, in the world we live in, business owners are often targeted by bad people with nefarious intent. When, and if it happens to you, your business can be disrupted beyond belief. I needed someone to not only defend me and my business, but I also needed attorneys that were truly exceptional. I found that many firms would say what you wanted to hear to get your business. With Biles Wilson, I found the smart, aggressive firm I needed but more importantly, they truly cared about me the client. They have been amazing to work with and kept me focused and sane during a difficult time. So business owner or not, when you need a firm that is truly concerned with your best interest, and you absolutely know you can trust them with your life, look no further than Dunham Biles and Jeremy Wilson.”

— Bob Lovell, Chief Executive Officer, Home Marketing Services, Inc.

“Over the course of my career, I have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious financial institutions in the world and have engaged some of the largest and most prestigious law firms. I consider Dunham Biles and Jeremy Wilson of Biles Wilson to be consistent with the quality of lawyers with whom I have previously worked. They both have diversified corporate litigation experience in both large and smaller law firms. I hired Biles Wilson to represent a publicly traded company which was faced with immediate peril if it did not file a substantial brief within forty-eight hours. Biles Wilson dropped everything and obtained an emergency extension. Then, within days, learned everything about our case which has been pending for over two years and put together a winning summary judgement response brief. If your company is involved in bet-the-business or high stakes litigation and wants fearless, top-notch advocates, Biles Wilson is who I would call.”

— Ransom Jones, Chief Financial Officer, Greenway Technologies, Inc.

“As an out of state defendant, we needed local representation on a litigation matter in Dallas County and Dunham did an excellent job representing us. He helped us develop a plan to attempt to resolve the conflict in a manner that would contain the costs of litigation while not ceding any rights or privileges we enjoyed under state statute. Litigation is often an emotional exercise and Dunham did a good job listening to our side of the story and demonstrating that he cared and understood. He then gave us good, objective advice. In the end, we felt like we had an experienced advocate who we could trust as we worked our way through, and ultimately resolved, the matter.”

— Kelly Cox, Senior Controller, Oseberg, Inc.

“If you want attorneys who truly understand that for businesses time is money, who truly care about your objectives, and who will fight tirelessly to bring your matter to a successful conclusion, you want Biles Wilson, I know from experience. After three years of paying attorneys for no progress, much less results, I switched lawyers. Dunham and Jeremy quickly had our case ready and well-positioned, for trial. In mere months, they did more than had been done in years and, as a result, achieved a great result for my company.”

— J.R. Smith, Owner, Rockin Sunset Park of Terrell, Inc.