Our unwavering commitment to our clients is the bedrock on which Biles Wilson was formed.

We believe in our clients and place their needs above all else. We do NOT accept all cases presented to us, but if we accept a case, you can be sure that we will apply the full force of our formidable abilities.

Too often lawyers rely on routine tactics and treat their clients as if they are just a case number or a means to an end. That is never the case at Biles Wilson. We understand clients place their trust in us to solve their most critical issues. We take our fiduciary duties seriously and, therefore, place our clients’ needs first. Our clients hire us for solutions and results, not process.

At Biles Wilson we combine unparalleled skill, work ethic, and critical thinking to solve problems and win cases. There is no substitute for having top notch legal talent focused squarely on you and your legal issues. Biles Wilson strongly believes in its motto: “Our Clients and Winning Come First.”