Partner Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson is an accomplished trial attorney with over twenty years’ experience managing and trying complex litigation and appellate matters in state and federal courts across the country. Mr. Wilson has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals in disputes involving business breakups, corporate governance and ownership issues, unfair competition, breaches of fiduciary duties, trade secrets, non-competition covenants, construction, corporate espionage, and divorce-related division of business assets.

Mr. Wilson is known as an incisive strategist with a strong courtroom presence. Mr. Wilson combines these traits with the wisdom gained from decades of experience in a vast array of legal disputes. Mr. Wilson’s clients trust him to guide them through their most complicated legal matters and know that he is always thinking two steps ahead of the competition.


  • William H. Bowen School of Law, University of Arkansas – Little Rock (J.D. 2000),
    • Magna cum laude (ranked 1st of 118 students)
    • Research Editor and Associate Executive Editor, U.A.L.R. Law Review
    • West Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 1998, 1999, 2000
  • University of Arkansas – Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (1996)
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Ohio
    • Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Wilson accepted a two-year clerkship with the Honorable S. Arthur Spiegel, United States District Court Judge for the Southern District of Ohio. This position would serve as an extension of Mr. Wilson’s legal education, providing a strong emphasis on courtroom procedures and allowing Jeremy to study the trial techniques of numerous, highly regarded trial attorneys.

Licensed in

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Federal Courts Admitted in
  • United States Court of Appeals
  • Second Circuit
  • Sixth Circuit
  • Ninth Circuit
  • Eleventh Circuit

 United States District Courts

  • Northern District of Texas
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Middle District of Florida
  • Southern District of Florida


  • Medigain v. Romero. Represented an employee who was sued by his former employer for allegedly breaching his covenant not to compete by working for a competitor of his former employer.
  • Insuraprise Inc. v. Graves. Represented an employer who filed a lawsuit against its former employee for allegedly breaching his covenant not to compete by working for a competing company.
  • Low-T Physicians Service PLLC et. al., v. LTBR Enterprises LP et. al. Successfully represented subsequent employer of Plaintiff’s former employee. Represented a former employee who was sued for allegedly breaching his covenant not to compete by holding an ownership interest in a competing business.
  • Gregory D. Sanders v. Greenway Technologies, Inc. Successfully defended a publicly traded company in a lawsuit brought by a former consultant’s claim for breach of an alleged employment agreement.
  • Jane Doe #2 v. Home Marketing Services, Inc., et. al. Successfully represented employer and individual against sexual assault claim.

Business Disputes

  • West, et. al. v. Roberts, et. al. Represented a business owner who was sued after he left the company to form his own competing business.
  • Nanda v. Nanda. Represented a business owner in a dispute over ownership of a family of companies originally jointly by the client and his brother.
  • JMR Future, LLC v. Ramji, et. al. Represented a co-owner of a commercial office building against an ownership dispute with the other co-owner.
  • Trascent Management Consultants v. Bouri. Represented the owner of an international property management company in a dispute with its former CEO for fraud and fraudulent inducement.
  • Rockin Sunset Park of Terrell, Inc., v. Ryan Hudden. Successfully represented company and majority owner in business divorce case that included claims for a forced sale, equal division of ownership, breach of fiduciary duty, and conversion.

Trade Secrets

  • Barnes & Roberts, LLC v. Andron. Represented employee who was sued for allegedly misappropriating his former employer’s trade secrets and using them in his new employment.
  • Enterprising Gals of Texas, LLC v. Sprehe. Represented an employee who allegedly stole her former employer’s trade secrets to use them in a newly formed competing business.

Corporate Espionage

  • Insurance Safety Consultants v. Nugent. Represented a company’s lawsuit against its former employee for allegedly illegally accessing its computer systems without authorization and allegedly illegally intercepting the company’s owner’s emails.
  • Chafin v. Mutlu. Represented two individuals whose communications were allegedly illegally intercepted by their prior business partner.
  • Romero v. Medigain. Represented a former employee who filed a counterclaim against his former employer for illegally accessing his computer and monitoring his activities.

Commercial Construction

  • Select Flooring v. Pogue Construction Co., L.P. Represented a commercial flooring company in a dispute with the general contractor for a commercial construction project.
  • Com v. G-Town Plumbing. Represented a company asserting claims for damages caused to their facility by a commercial plumbing company.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

  • Kim Anderson v. Evan Anderson and Oseberg, Inc. Successfully represented company and its founder in regard to claims for breach of fiduciary duty and inspection of books and records.
  • Blue Tree Hotels v. Starwood Hotel Resorts, 02-9312 (2nd Circuit)
  • Enterprising Gals of Texas, LLC v. Sprehe, et. al., 02-17-00063-CV (2nd District Court of Appeals)
  • Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. v. Neora, LLC, 05-22-00234-CV (5th District Court of Appeals)
  • In re Christopher P. Roberts, et. al, 05-15-01066-CV (5th District Court of Appeals)
  • Taylor, et. al. v. Brooks, et. al., 07-12447 (11th Circuit).
  • Omaha Healthcare Center, LLC v. Wilma Johnson, 08-0231 (Texas Supreme Court)
  • Taylor, et. al. v. Acxiom Corporation, et. al., 08-41083 (5th Circuit).
  • Fresco v. R.L. Polk, et. al., 09-1334 (11th Circuit).
  • In re Christopher P. Roberts, et. al, 15-0731 (Texas Supreme Court)
  • In re John Calce, 18-0587 (Texas Supreme Court)
  • CBS Texas with J.D. Miles, ‘Dispute over tree trimming between Dallas neighbors leads to “threatening” art installations’
  • NewsNation, interview with Kelsey Kernstine